Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wonder 2nd Perspective

We have recently finished the second perspective in our whole class novel, Wonder, by R.J.Palacio. The second perspective was by Via, the main characters (August's) sister. We have listened to Via's thoughts about August and how she reacts to his facial abnormality and the different way she sees him compared to others.
At the start of every perspective, there is a quote for each different person. Via's quote is from David Bowie's Space Oddity, "Far above the world, Planet Earth is blue, And there is nothing I can do." We think that the interpretation of this is that planet Earth would be Augusts face from a distance and Via can do nothing about the attention he has in his life because of his face. Everyone gravitates around August. Via is on the outside of that circle rotating around August and never getting to experience  what the centre of the Universe feels like.
Ever since Via lost her Grandmother, the only one that ever treated her equal or more than her brother, she has been losing confidence and can't approach her mother the same way as she used to without Via thinking that her problems are being compared to August's problems.

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